Dogs Rule in School

Did you know that our therapy dogs rule in School?  Right now, we have 8 certified therapy dogs working once a week in the Erie City, Erie County and Regional Charter school districts.  Five of those dogs work full time, meaning they go to school each and every day with their volunteer handler!

And that's not all...our "Tutors with a Tail" program also takes us to every school in the City of Erie, Erie County School District, Blasco Memorial Library, the Erie County Library System on a regular basis.  Our "Tutors with a Tail" program has proven success and our improved reading scores tell the story!  In a pilot study with 3rd grade students, our reading levels increased 38 words per minute when reading to a certified therapy dog as compared to an average of 27 words per minute when the student read independently (or with a tutor). 

How can reading to a therapy dog help? 
Reading to a dog is less intimidating than reading a human. Therapy dogs provide an instant sense of calm because our dogs have "non-judgmental ears" - meaning,a therapy dog doesn't care if a student mispronounces a word or struggles to read.  "Tutors with a Tail" is a fantastic reading program for early readers, struggling readers (Title 1), children with dyslexia or students learning English as a second language.  Educators and parents know that Improved literacy equals improved self-esteem!     
We are actively seeking financial and in kind donations to ensure that our "Tutors with a Tail" program continues  without interruption.  Funding is necessary for new and used books, custom therapy dog bookmarks, TDU therapy dog coloring pages, awards and certificates.  Please make your contribution today by visiting our "Make a Donation" page.