Sarah Reed Children's Ctr East

Sarah Reed Children's Ctr East

The kids at Sarah Reed enjoy spending time with our therapy dogs and we love to visit.  This visit is at the Sarah Reed Children's Center (East side location, located at 1020 East 10th Street - St. Anne's School, next to St. Anne's Church).


TEAM TDU:  please park in the side or front parking lot.  You must ring the front door doorbell to get inside.  Your contact at this visit is Lisa Kalagassy (814) 450-3072.

Attending Therapy Dogs:

  • Kathy Sinnott, Boone - Golden Retriever
  • Marian Kohan, Malkin - Mixed Black Lab
  • Renee or Kevin Uht, Midas - Great Pyrenees
  • Barbara Richardson, Tucker - Eng. Cream Golden

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