PennWest Pawlooza

PennWest Pawlooza

Time to visit our college friends on the campus of PennWest Edinboro, formerly Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. This is a campus-wide Puppy Pawlooza student destresser event.


TEAM TDU:  This event is held at the Pogue Student Center, 1st floor, rear lobby. Park in the McComb Fieldhouse parking lot.

Attending Therapy Dogs:

  • Laurie Nicholson, Arie Rose - Golden Retriever
  • Carlene Williams, Caoimhe - Goldendoodle
  • Marissa Rupp, Charley - Golden Retriever
  • Jocelynne Newara, Dixie - Labrador Retriever
  • Beth Zelina, Dixie - Golden Retriever
  • Shannon Baker, Gideon - Golden Retriever
  • Melinda Juratovic, Halli - Shepherd Collie Mix
  • Julie Jaffy, Jacob J Puddles - Basset Hound
  • Gaylene Abbott-Fay, Kasey Crew - Goldendoodle
  • Rachel Greene, Larsey - Golden Retriever
  • Angelica Warner, Lola - Terrier/Aus Cattle Mix
  • Stephany Goodwill, Marlin - Golden Retriever
  • Renee Uht, Midas - Great Pyrenees
  • Pam Stafford, Millie - Golden Retriever
  • Bob Marks, Molly - Cavalier King Charles
  • Serenity Lesik, Remmi - English Labrador
  • Kylie Byrd, Sully - Golden Retriever

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