Senior Smiles

Therapeutic Healing & Rehabilitation

A Companion Therapy Dog is a calm, well-behaved and obedient therapy dog used to help facilitate therapeutic or emotional healing.   We like to say that a Companion Therapy Dog helps rehabilitate the mind, body and soul.  Companion Therapy Dogs can benefit anyone in need - but bring an added benefit to at-risk children & young adults; abused or homeless children; older adults through our Senior Smiles program (residing in a  residential facility, skilled nursing unit, or participating in an adult daycare program); or individuals suffering from chronic illness or placed in hospice care. 

Key Benefits of a Companion Dog

Return Trust, Companionship & the Ability to Nurture

Catalyst for Positive Change

A Companion Therapy Dog provides a sense of need and can give the individual the ability to love, care and nurture (especially in older adults).  Our Companion Dogs provide companionship and trust!  They're used to open up the lines of communication by increasing social behaviors and reducing the fear of rejection.

Physical & Emotional Benefits

A certified Companion Therapy Dog can alleviate loneliness and depression, calm anxiety and help reduce stress.  Interacting with a Companion Dog can even lower your blood pressure!  Our studies show that daily physical interaction with a Companion Dog can help a body and mind and heal faster.

Promotes Healing & Overall Well-Being

Companion Therapy Dogs help create emotional bonds between the human and and dog.  Over time, that emotional bond can transfer from the dog to people.

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