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Impacting the quality of life for countless children, adults & older adults throughout the entire United States. Our programs, services and testing locations are nationwide!

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Therapy Dogs - Dogs Supporting People

Therapy Dogs United is a 501(c) nonprofit operating solely on funding from public and private donations, fundraising events, charitable grants, therapy dog test fees and annual membership dues. We do not, and we have never, charged a fee for our services, nor do we receive payment for the therapy dog visits our volunteer handlers make.

Our therapy dogs provide the catalyst for positive change by motivating emotionally and physically challenged individuals.  We open dialogue with the abused, disabled, sick, lonely, injured, or depressed.  Our programs inspire learning and change - and include everyone! Our dedicated team of certified therapy dog handlers are personally committed to bring joy and inspiration to every human life we touch.  It's not just our personal commitment  - it's our mission! Our programs are designed to ensure that the presence of a certified therapy dog enhances and enriches the lives of our clients by inspiring physical and emotional healing through the use of interactive animal-assisted therapy and humane education.

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