Volunteer of the Year

Nothing is Stronger than the ❤️ of a Volunteer

Therapy Dogs United is proud to recognize our "Volunteer of the Year" with a special award at our annual Award Ceremony & Recognition Banquet (TDU's Bark Celebration held annually on the 2nd Friday in November). This ceremony also honors our Volunteer of the Year nominees and recognizes all volunteers who stand out in our programs, services and community. Our prestigious Volunteer of the Year Honorees are chosen by our Board of Directors.

Past Volunteer of the Year Honorees

  • Melinda Juratovic, 2023
  • Barbara Richardson, 2022
  • John Livingston, 2022 (National)
  • Gary Seymour, 2021
  • Linda Rakowski, 2020
  • Nancy Russo, 2019
  • Carlene Williams, 2018
  • Bonnie Tarcia, 2017
  • Marian Kohan, 2016
  • Linda Daugherty, 2015
  • Debbie Whitman, 2014
  • Bridget Buzard, 2013
  • Sr. Carolann McLaughlin & Sr. Rita Groner, 2012
  • Susan Ferarro, 2011
  • Tammy Baker, 2010
  • Rebecca Shauffele, 2009

To nominate an outstanding volunteer who represents Therapy Dogs United, please download our Nomination Application and return it to our Erie office no later than Nov. 1 of the current calendar year. You can also mail your nomination to: Therapy Dogs United, Inc., 1932 B West 8th Street, Erie PA 16505. You may also return it by email

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