Our Fees

Every therapy dog candidate will pay nonrefundable fees on your scheduled test date. If your dog does not pass the Canine Good Citizen or Canine Good Neighbour test, you will be required to pay that fee only. We will halt further testing but gladly reschedule your dog for a CGC/CGN retest. There is no limit to the number of times your dog can test for either evaluation.

If your dog passes the CGC or CGN test, but fails the Therapy Dog Evaluation, you will be required to pay the test fee but we will gladly reschedule your dog for a TD Evaluation retest. You will only pay for your embroidered therapy dog vest or silkscreen neck scarf, therapy dog certificate and ID badge once your dog successfully passes both required evaluations.

Your vest/scarf, certificate and ID badge will be issued once you return your completed paperwork and payment to our Erie, Pennsylvania office.

Membership Dues are to be paid by the 31st of December every calendar year you and your therapy dog wish to remain active. Dues are paid per handler, not per therapy dog.

FEE VARIES BY EVALUATOR - Canine Good Citizen Test or Canine Good Neighbour Test (made payable to your evaluator)

$70 - Therapy Dog Certification (therapy dog certificate, ID Badge) - Inside Pennsylvania

$80 - Therapy Dog Certification (therapy dogs certificate, ID Badge) - Outside Pennsylvania

$90 - TDU Embroidered Vest  (size Tiny, XSM, SM, M, L, XL)

$35 - TDU Silkscreened Neck Scarf (size SM or L)  

$30 - Annual Membership Dues (dues are paid per handler, not per certified therapy dog)


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