Senior Smiles

Senior Smiles Program

Therapy dogs offer a wide range of benefits to older adults, including facilitating therapeutic and/or emotional healing. Individuals living in a residential facility, skilled nursing unit, in hospice care, or who participate in an adult daycare program can take advantage of our Senior Smiles program. 

A companion therapy dog provides a sense of need and can give individuals the chance to love, care and nurture. Our therapy dogs can open up the lines of communication and increase social behaviors.

Physical & Emotional Benefits

A certified therapy dog can alleviate loneliness and depression, calm anxiety and help reduce stress. Studies show that daily physical interaction with a companion dog can help a body and mind and heal faster.

Healing & Overall Well-Being

Companion Therapy Dogs help create emotional bonds between the human and and dog. Over time, that emotional bond can transfer from the dog to people.

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