At Risk Families

At-Risk Families (ARF)

At-Risk Families (ARF Program) Therapy Dogs United brings this program to homeless shelters, group homes and mental health facilities to help children better cope during tough emotional times. This research-based program stresses the importance of humane treatment and compassion for all living things. It's designed to teach the importance of giving back by sharing our pets with those in need. Therapy dog teams working in this outreach program introduce these young adults basic obedience training, and animal safety.

Bella's Brigade

Bella's Brigade is best described by two words: comfort and trust. The use of these certified therapy dog teams help open dialogue with victims of sexual abuse or severe emotional abuse, and can also provide comfort to a child grieving the loss of a parent or caregiver. Our certified therapy dogs have been known to "lend a trusting ear" - one that a child quickly realizes he or she can tell anything. When confidentiality is required, this crisis outreach program is able to match an Occupational Handler with an "on- site" therapy dog. In 2015, Bella's Brigade was modified to also include our Courthouse Comfort Canine Program which provides emotional support to a child facing a dependency hearing in County Court.

Therapy Dogs United is proud to offer multiple traveling therapy dog outreach programs designed to help children and young adults. These programs are unique to our organization and can be custom-designed to meet your needs.

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