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In times when comfort and hope is needed, a therapy dog provides a gentle paw to remind us that you are not alone.

At Therapy Dogs United, our therapy dog teams are personally committed to bring joy and inspiration to every human life we touch. We truly believe in the power of the paw! A session with a certified therapy dog is the catalyst for positive change. We work hand-in-paw to motivate individuals with health conditions or impairments by opening dialogue with the abused, disabled, sick, lonely, injured or depressed. Our programs inspire learning and change. They include:

  • Companion Dogs: A companion therapy dog is a calm, well-behaved and obedient therapy dog used to help facilitate therapeutic or emotional healing.
  • Skilled Support Dogs: Highly-trained, skilled support dogs enhance the quality of life and education for children, adults and older adults with disabilities and/or special needs.
  • AAT Dogs: The use of animal-assisted therapy dogs helps physically rehabilitate individuals, or anyone with a behavioral, emotional or cognitive diagnosis.
  • At-Risk Families: Our At-Risk Families (ARF Program) bring our skilled therapy dogs to homeless shelters, group homes and mental health facilities to help children better cope during tough emotional times.
  • Senior Smiles:Therapy dogs offer a wide range of benefits to older adults, including facilitating therapeutic and/or emotional healing. 
  • M.D. Program (Medical Dogs): Visitation program to benefit an oncology patient or individual recuperating during a hospital stay. 
  • Tutors with a Tail: Literacy and in-school reading program for the Erie City, Erie County and Regional Charter school districts. Includes visits throughout the Erie County Library system, regional book stores and beyond. 
  • Courthouse Comfort Dogs: Certified therapy dog teams visit children facing a dependency hearing in Erie County Family Court; Veterans facing a hearing in Erie County's Veteran's Treatment Court; or individual attending a hearing at The Erie County Court of Common Pleas.
  • Dog Bite Prevention: Our PACKS Program (Prevent Attacks with Care, Kindness and Safety) is an educational program designed to teach and reinforce responsible pet ownership.

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