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Therapy Dogs United, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity operating solely on funding from public and private donations, fundraising events, charitable grants, therapy dog test fees and annual membership dues. We do not, and we have never, charged a fee for our services, nor do we receive payment for the therapy dog visits our volunteer handlers make.

TDU was founded in 2008 by Patricia Christianson in Erie, Pennsylvania. In 2021, our research-based programs and visitation services expanded nationwide. In 2024, our footprint grew again to include Canada. We visit public facilities only, either in a group setting or as an individual session. Every therapy dog visit we make is provided by a therapy dog team certified and registered through this nonprofit organization. Our community service programs are offered throughout North America and Canada.

Did You Know? A certified therapy dog loves human contact and has no language barrier! Plus, medical science shows that interaction with a therapy dog can:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Promote physical healing
  • Reduce anxiety, fatigue & depression
  • Improve confidence & self-esteem
  • Increase motor skills & movement
  • Improve social skills & verbal communication
  • Provide emotional support & stability

Our team of volunteers work hand-in-paw with medical, educational and social service professionals, or one-on-one with a patient in need to provide support in any way we can. Our certified therapy dog teams make regular visits to schools and learning institutions, hospitals, book stores, homeless shelters, senior living communities and nursing homes, hospice facilities, family service organizations, reading clubs, rehabilitation centers and beyond.

We are eager to show you the calming and therapeutic effect that a therapy dog can have on your patients, clients, students or residents. To schedule a public visit, please call (814) 456-DOGS or email us.

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