Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy Dogs United FAQ

  • What is a therapy dog?
  • What does a therapy dog do?
  • How can a therapy dog help?
  • What are the requirements for being a TDU Therapy Dog?
  • How do I schedule my dog for an evaluation?
  • Is my dog a good therapy dog candidate?
  • What if my dog doesn't pass?
  • Can my dog earn the official AKC Therapy Dog title through Therapy Dogs United?
  • Should I become a volunteer handler?
  • What are additional requirements to become a Volunteer Handler?
  • Do you certify therapy dogs for personal/private use?
  • Is a Therapy Dog a Service Dog?
  • Can my Therapy Dog be used as a Service Dog?
  • What are the fees involved in certifying my dog through TDU?
  • Can I volunteer with TDU even without a dog?
  • How long do Therapy Dog "visits" last and where do they take place?
  • What If our therapy dog visit isn't pleasurable?