Tuesday Jul 26th, 2022

Dogs in School Rule

If you've ever been visited by a certified therapy dog, you know firsthand the amazing work our therapy dogs can do! But have you ever thought about the many ways a therapy dog makes a difference in school?  Not only in the classroom, but working with guidance counselors, therapists or just walking the hallways ~ the presence of a therapy dog in school makes a difference! 

In July 2022, our friends at Blue Hills Regional Technical School produced this videoto highlight Therapy Dogs United's certified therapy dog Enzo (Labradoodle).  He officially joined the district in December 2021 and his impact has been limitless. Enzo is handled by TDU volunteer and Blue Hills Superintendent Jill Rosetti.  The school produced this YouTube video in July 2022 to highlight the many ways Enzo helps support the educational, social and emotional needs of their students.